Virtual Learning vs In Person

It’s no secret that there are many places to choose from when looking to learn something outside of elementary, high school or traditional school. Want to learn Spanish? Take the Rosetta Stones of the world. Want to learn guitar? Find a local teacher? Maybe/ maybe not!

But there is a learning gap in every situation. It’s also no secret that the education industry needs innovation. Here are some insider secrets to consider when choosing programming online or in person for music instruction (to learn that guitar)

  1. Find out their cancellation policy. Most places have a 24 hour or even 48 hour cancellation policy whether online or in-person. It’s absurd. But places do exist that have reasonable policies. Some places also limit how much you can cancel. As a parent, it’s impossible to foresee your schedule and you need reasonable expectations.
  2. Is their website updated? This one goes under the radar. If there website is old, that may mean their policies, people and program needs updating.
  3. Online lessons: what do they use? Most places use Zoom or the like. Do they have something innovative? Find out- learning online successfully requires innovative and different tools.

Becoming successful taking online courses is a journey and sometimes it’s ok to look outside of the local market. Finding an in person or online learning solution for you or your family is an investment. Invest with care!

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