Benefits Of Learning Online

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Benefits of learning online.

The metaverse is coming, duck!

Seriously, if good ole Zuck from Meta (facebook) is betting his future on it to the tunes of billions, then it’s coming for you. We all will have a virtual reality headset, it will be normalized and instead of carrying phones around it will be replaced with something else. 

And this is by 2030- a 4 trillion dollar a year industry. 

Or- the internet 3.0

This means education will change.

We could either sit back and relax with a book & learn the old fashioned way or we can immerse ourselves in a new future of learning resources. Here are 3 benefits of learning online:

  1. It’s way more convenient.

I grew up in NYC. Here is our nightmare: we are running late to an appointment. A tractor trailer flips over on the highway and you (luckily) drive over the median to the exit. You then realize that you only have fumes in your gas tank and hope you make it the 2 miles you are supposed to go. Hooray you arrive on time but there is no parking. So you drive around and around until….

Learning from home requires up to date computers and a fast internet connection. Everything else is at your pace.

  1. Reduces school stress. We have to communicate differently in a live 1-1 room or a video course. For introverts, this is sometimes the best way for us to connect on a different level. This could be from leveraging screen sharing or apps that make learning interactive.
  1. Speaking of which, Learning online is interactive. Learning is a two way street, right? From teacher to student, there needs to be a flow of information from person to person. With online learning, you are taking a place on the spaceship to interactivity because the instructor ultimately has to give you tools to learn with.  
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