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A Guide To The Best Online Guitar Lessons

Are you eager to learn how to play guitar online? You sure are, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Whether you’re a beginner looking for free guitar lessons or seeking the best online guitar lessons to hone your skills, online guitar instruction offers many opportunities to learn, that so many people don’t know about it. Well, I am here in this post to tell you about it. 

Today, we will cannonball (not dive) into the best way to learn guitar online, including tips for success and the advantages of platforms like Zoom for guitar lessons. We’ll also highlight resources such as free guitar lessons for beginners, guitar chords online, and even free Fender guitar lessons (if that’s such a thing).

Tips for Successful Online Guitar Lessons

1. Choose the Right Instructor: I can’t stress this enough. School of Rock boasts incredible results with their curriculum but the bottom line is you cannot get anywhere with a crap instructor. Your journey begins with selecting an experienced guitar instructor who specializes in online teaching and can communicate effectively. Not everyone can do this. Ensure they have positive reviews and a strong online presence if you can.

2. Your Equipment Matters:  To set sail in your online guitar lessons, gather essential gear in… your music boat (why are you in a boat?). A reliable internet connection is everything. You could log in to the greatest program ever but if your upload speed is .001 mbps you are not going to be doing much.

Internet Service SpeedRecommended for Quality Zoom Sessions
Download Speed10 to 25 Mbps
Upload SpeedAt least 3 Mbps

Most computers and iMacs have decent webcams, but I have been shocked at how bad they are compared to a dedicated webcam that is a legit 1080p. In my experience, an HD camera on a laptop doesn’t cut it. I recently got a Logi 1080p webcam and it’s made all my lessons & video calls so much better.

A decent guitar is paramount. You don’t need to break the bank here. I’d like to offer some really good deals on great beginner guitars. All these are a great way to go. 

3. Set Goals  Define your goals for playing the guitar before commencing online lessons. Share these objectives with your instructor to tailor lessons to your specific aspirations.

4.  Schedule Regular Lessons   Consistency is crucial. Schedule recurring online guitar lessons with your instructor to foster consistent growth and receive ongoing feedback. Most instructors offer flexible scheduling options.

5.  Practice Between Lessons   Dedicate time to practice what you’ve learned during your lessons. Regular practice is vital for skill development. Your instructor can guide what to practice.

6.  Effective Communication   During the lesson, engage in open communication with your instructor. If you have questions or face challenges, don’t hesitate to seek clarification or assistance. Effective communication ensures you maximize each session.

7.  Utilize Zoom or Similar Platforms   Platforms like Zoom enhance online guitar lessons, offering features like screen sharing for chord charts and interactive whiteboards for demonstrations. Familiarize yourself with the platform for seamless lessons.

8.  Prioritize Audio Quality   High-quality audio is essential for music lessons. Use headphones or a quality microphone to ensure your instructor hears your playing accurately, and you receive clear feedback.

9.  Play Along with Your Instructor   Real-time playing with your instructor is highly beneficial. It helps develop timing, rhythm, and musicality. Zoom’s low-latency audio can facilitate this interactive experience.

10.  Record Your Lessons   With your instructor’s permission, consider recording your online guitar lessons. This enables you to review the material and practice effectively between sessions.

11.  Feedback and Progress Assessment: Regularly discuss your progress and areas for improvement with your instructor. Set milestones and monitor your journey toward your goals.

12.  Stay Patient and Persistent: Learning to play the guitar is a journey that requires time and effort. Be patient with yourself and remain dedicated to your practice and lessons. Mastery of the guitar comes through commitment.

The Structure of Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons should adhere to a structured and personalized approach.

Lesson ComponentDescription
1. Introduction and Warm-UpEach lesson should commence with a brief introduction and a warm-up exercise to prepare your fingers and mind for playing.
2. Review Previous MaterialDedicate time to reviewing what you’ve learned in prior lessons to ensure retention and build upon that foundation.
3. Introduction of New MaterialThe core of your lesson should focus on introducing and practicing new techniques, chords, scales, or songs.
4. Interactive PracticeEngage in playing exercises and songs under your instructor’s guidance, receiving immediate feedback and corrections as necessary.
5. Q&A and DiscussionEncourage questions and discussion during your lesson to address any confusion or challenges you may encounter.
6. Assign HomeworkYour instructor may assign practice exercises or songs for you to work on independently between lessons.
7. Feedback and AssessmentAfter your lesson, your instructor should provide constructive feedback on your performance and progress.
8. Recurring LessonsConsider setting up a recurring appointment and payment plan to ensure consistency in your lessons.

 Free Guitar Lessons and Resources Online 

For those seeking free guitar lessons for beginners and a variety of online resources, the internet is a treasure trove 

  • Fender Play: Fender offers free guitar lessons online, covering a range of skill levels and genres. These lessons are a fantastic starting point for beginners.
  • Free Online Guitar Tutorials: They are EVERYWHERE. Websites and YouTube channels provide free guitar tutorials, offering lessons on chords, scales, songs, and techniques.
  • Guitar Chords Online:  Websites and apps offer comprehensive libraries of guitar chords and chord progressions, allowing you to practice and master different chord variations.

 Zoom Guitar Lessons:  The Bridge to Success 

In the realm of online guitar instruction, platforms like Zoom have become invaluable tools for both instructors and students. Zoom’s features enhance the learning experience.

  • Real-Time Interaction: Zoom facilitates real-time interaction between you and your instructor, enabling instant feedback and guidance.
  • Screen Sharing: Instructors can share chord charts, sheet music, and demonstrations with ease, enhancing your understanding of complex concepts.
  • Recording Capabilities: Zoom allows lessons to be recorded, allowing you to revisit and reinforce what you’ve learned.

The best way to learn guitar online involves careful planning, dedication, and effective communication. And it needs to be a good way for YOU to learn. If you aren’t technically savvy, maybe this isn’t for you- but it can’t hurt to try. Most online resources have made it so easy. By following these tips and structuring your online guitar lessons for success, you can make significant progress in your musical journey. Whether you’re exploring free guitar lessons for beginners or seeking advanced instruction, the online world offers a wealth of resources to help you master the guitar.

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