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Facts About The Best Acoustic Guitar Albums

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Chris Whitley – Dirty Floor (1998)


To me, this New Yorker put out the best acoustic guitar albums of them all and no one knows about it.

In 1999 in Providence RI, I watched Chris Whitley play and the simplicity and raw emotion blew me away, blinding me from the stage.

Craig Street produced it, and Danny Kadar recorded it live, utilizing a single stereo ribbon microphone, directly onto a two-track analog recorder at Blue Moon Racing Shop (situated in Whitley’s father’s barn) in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

It captured Chris at its most intimate moments.

The songs exude yearning and fire, but he just plays the guitar on the recordings, with a mic on the floor capturing his foot.

Furthermore, Classic Records also released this recording in two audiophile formats. It came out in a digital audio disk (DAD) format, featuring 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio, which is compatible with DVD hardware.

Joe Bonamassa covered “Ball Peen Hammer” on his album Sloe Gin (2007), and Gavin DeGraw rendered “Indian Summer” on Free (2009).

Sadly, Chris passed away in 2005 from complications of lung cancer.

Nick Drake – Pink Moon (1972)

I stumbled into this from a Volkswagen commercial way back in time, and immediately pursued the universe to get this into my hands.

I didn’t know who he was and I bought his whole catalog. My sentiment is captured in this comment on youtube for the commercial:

“Pink Moon,” the third and concluding studio album by English artist Nick Drake, was unveiled in the UK by Island Records on February 25, 1972.

It holds the distinction of being the sole studio album by Drake to be released in North America while he was alive.

Unlike his previous works, “Pink Moon” was recorded without a backing band. Additionally, it featured only Drake’s vocals, acoustic guitar, and a brief piano riff overdubbed on the title track.

The album, which came out two years prior to Drake’s untimely passing in November 1974 at age twenty-six, often has its lyrical content linked to the musician’s persistent struggle with depression.

Notably, the songs are more concise than those in his preceding albums. Additionally, they culminate in a total runtime of just slightly over twenty-eight minutes.

While “Pink Moon” did not achieve robust sales during Drake’s lifetime and initially garnered mixed reviews due to its bare, intimate sound, it has retrospectively been met with considerable critical acclaim. Additionally, despite its initial commercial underperformance, the album has since gained a cult following and is now widely regarded as one of the most influential folk albums of all time.

G N’ R Lies (1988)

This album is an absolute classic and, to my knowledge, no one really talks about it anymore.

It is a reimagining of some of their hits from their first album and one of the greatest acoustic songs (Patience) on the Best Acoustic Guitar Albums probably ever.

Teh album often referred to simply as Lies, represents the second studio album from the American hard rock ensemble Guns N’ Roses.

It was launched by Geffen Records on November 29, 1988. With a duration of 33 and a half minutes, it stands as the band’s briefest studio album.

Achieving the number two spot on the US Billboard 200, the album has shipped over five million copies in the United States, as per the RIAA.

“Patience”, the sole single to emerge from Lies, ascended to number four on the Billboard Hot 100.

However, despite his departure, Adler’s presence can still be felt on this album.

It is also the last album to showcase the recording contributions of all five band members. 

All though music tastes aren’t defined by one person, certainly these are some of the best the acoustic guitar albums out there you may not have heard of.

If you are looking for the best acoustic guitar albums of all time, there are countless lists (like this one) that will make your coffee or tea on a rainy or snowy day taste even better. 

Cozy up and enjoy!

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