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15 Catchiest Cartoon Songs from the 1980’s

Autobots, Roll Out! Before Dan and Kevin got old tired and grey, they were once kids, who lived for sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. This episode celebrates the 15 Catchiest Cartoon Theme Songs of 1980’s, according to (Comic Book Resources).

Cartoons have been in existence since the dawn of humanity, finding their roots in the ancient cave drawings of our ancestors. Over the millenia, as humanity and culture have evolved, so too has this art form. The first known use of the word “cartoon” dates back to a satirical sketch by illustrator John Leech, in an 1843 issue of Punch magazine. The medium would eventually find foothold in newspaper and comic books, and by the turn of the century take its animated form.

From Steamboat Willie to Rick and Morty, animated cartoons live in a reciprocal relationship with the music that accompanies them. This symbiosis is often considered best encapsulated by Tom and Jerry, in which each individual element of visual artistry is met and complimented by an equally compelling, complex, and expressive swell of full orchestral arrangements.

While the pieces of music that accompany the content of a cartoon’s storyline are great, none are as recognizable or iconic as those productions’ theme songs. The theme song of any television show is the calling card, the common thread, the fanfare that reels its audience into adventure. Today, in counting down the top 15 catchiest themes of the 80’s, we delve into the nostalgia of the infamous tritone introduction of The Simpsons, the wry harmonic minor blues melody of Inspector Gadget melody, and the iconic lyrics of those “robots in disguise”.

Can you learn to play such melodies? Of course! At Real Brave, when we tell you you can “Find Your Stage™”, we’re talking about more than a literal platform. “Find Your Stage™” means that we want to help you play any music you want to learn. It is not uncommon for one walking through our halls to hear passages of the Spongebob Squarepants or Super Mario Bros. themes coming from our lesson rooms. If it can be heard, it can be taught – and learned!

So, if you’re looking to fill that gaping Saturday-morning-shaped hole in your heart that those beloved cartoons have left, consider signing up for lessons at Real Brave! We’re definitely “more than meets the eye”!

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